Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two Nights in Bangkok

Hey guys after twenty four hours of travel we made it to Bangkok at 11
 pm. (we did get upgraded to business class on the flight over from Japan!)
 Our ride did not show up so we grabbed a cab and showed the cabbie the
 address to the hotel.  The highway system is huge and super fast and he left
 us out in front of our hotel right next to the 7-11 (globalization)  our
 hotel was crazy!  picture living in a tree house, it looked like something
 you would find in an island not downtown Bangkok.  Super clean and fun.  we
 grabbed some Thai beer from the 7-11 and hung out in the lobby aka tree
 house.  it was hot hot hot even though it was 1 am.  we went to bed and woke up the next morning grabbed some iced coffee and
 went off to the park we hung out in a large park and watched a dance troupe
 practice fan dancing.  Then we watched some men play a game kicking a wicket
 ball over a volleyball net.  we went to the train station to buy our tickets to the islands and in the middle of our purchase the national anthem came on
everyone stopped and did not move till it was over.

That evening we went to a non profit resturant called Condoms and Cabbage
 that raises money for HIV and AIDS in Thailand.  They had full maniquiens
 with clothes made out of condoms and birth control pills (even one dressed
 as santa!)  The whole resturant was decorated in contraceptives but yet it
was tasteful weird.

Today we rode down the river in a river taxi with a bunch of monks and went
 to the vatican of Buddishm it was amazing!  every building was covered in
 gold or gems!  we then rode in a Tuk tuk to Koh Sum Road which is the
backpacking central.  it was crazy and filled with loud spring break bars
 gone Asian.

Anyway tonight we are on a night train to Ko Samoi  (the island were Leo
 stayed before he went to "The Beach")