Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ballet, Temples and Volcaneos

On our last night in Yogyarta we traveled out to the ancient Hindu temple of Prambanan we watched the Ramayana Ballet with the temple lite up at night as the background.  The ballet tells the story of the carved panels of the temple.  The ballet told the story of Rama and his epic ballet to get his princess, there was even fire dancing and battling monkeys.

The Backdrop for the Ballet
Our Ride to Bromo
That's Bromo behind us on the right
After the ballet we took the night train to Probolingo and then grabbed a minibus heading up into the volcanic mountians to vist Bromo.  The next day instead of making the epic pilgrimage up to see Bromo at sunrise with a 1000 other tourists we waited till the crowds died down and grabbed two horses and headed through the volcanic ash to Bromo.  We climbed the 250 stairs to stare down into the gaping sulfuric mist of Bromo.  Thinking that potentially it could erupt and then what??? (Just kidding we knew it wouldn't erupt).  After we peered in the volcano we climbed down the stairs and across the ash to look at the small Hindu temple.

We climbed back up to the village and grabbed a mini bus and headed back to Probolingo.  Once we got to the Probolingo we found out that the evening bus to Bali was sold out so we grabbed a local oplet (remember the truck with benches) in the bus jumped about 10 hijab wearing school girls with their super cute school uniforms (which looked like scouting uniforms with skirts) they were in about the 4th-7th grade and could not stop laughing at us and trying out their English.

After saying goodbye to our new friends we arrived at the train station where we got night train tickets for Bali tonight, so off we will go again.

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