Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh Oui!!!!!

The Tower!
What a beautiful city, I hopped on the metro and met up with Sankat and my professors.  We quickly headed out to see Notre Dame and of course the most iconic sight the Eiffel Tower.  AMAZING, the Eiffel tower is even larger than I imagined it and the details of Notre Dame are incredible.  Notre Dame’s downspouts were gargoyles!  That evening we headed to the restaurant in our hotel that even Anthony Bourdane had trouble getting into.  It was an epic meal of foire gras, white asparagus and a cheese platter the size of the table. 
Before Dessert Cheese Tray!
The next few days were filled with magical sights all over Paris.  We roamed through small boutiques, ate at sidewalk cafes, and drank champagne at midnight.  I had a small run in with the metro security.  They thought I jumped the turnstyle,which of course I would do with my husband, my professors and her sister and husband aroundL  After much arguing and my complete and utter lack of French I was 30 euro poorer.  The evenings were filled with amazing dinners, gorgeous bottles of wine and good company. 

French Open 
Sankat found out that his cousin Reshma, her husband and kids were in Paris too for the French Open.  We were able to grab a quick breakfast with them one morning and Reshma generously got us tickets to the French Open where we were able to sit in the Players Box and hang out in the Players’ Lounge.  Sankat was in utter heaven.  On Monday afternoon we grabbed the train to the neighboring region of Champange to check out how the bubbly is made!!!!

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