Monday, August 8, 2011

Namibia and beyond

I spent three days on the west coast of Africa in a bizarre village (ok second largest town in Namibia) called Skwakamond which was surrounded by dunes that looked like the middle east (largest sand dunes in the world)!  It was a weird Lake Geneva, located in LA serving German food.  Crazy place.  I spent the days there relaxing walking along the ocean even though it was about a high of 60 degrees!!  

WE then drove back to the capital of Namibia Windhoek where I spent the evening with my friend Nicole from Chicago where we had some great south african wine and a pizza!!!  The next day we took a taxi through the savannah hills with the sun shining listening to micheal jackson, boys to men and lieonal richie.  I began my two day journey back to Nairobi (by plane, yes it takes two days by plane)!!!  I had a great flight from Windhoek to Jo burg sitting next to a miner from Australia and a anthropologist from Italy who were discussing mining and its effects over several bottles of wine!!!
In Jo Burg I was whisked away by the AFrican Moon hotel which is the fanciest place I've stayed this trip!!!  I had pasta room service and watched bad TV.  Yesterday I flew to Nairobi and discussed American Politics with my Jambo Taxi driver.  Recently Kenya has gotten a new Constitution and they are a hybrid of the UK system and the US.  I arrived at the Hilton for my rendezvous point with Sankat.  After a yummy steak dinner at the nicest restaurant ($25 on visa!) Sankat arrived at 2 am. This morning I took off to get us First class tickets to the coast so we shall see how this train ride goes (I"m the definition of insanity trying the same thing again and expecting different results!!)  We are off to explore Nairobi

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