Sunday, July 24, 2011

101 Hours of travel

Long story short.  tuesday the 19th took a ferry in huge swells at noon from zanzibar to Dar es salam.  got train tickets first class sold out so we were in second class sleeper.  Train was delayed 11 hours finally left station at midnight and headed out.  right after the zambian border the train ran out of gas, 12 hours later more gas.  Then the brakes were sparking setting the savannah on fire, 4 more hours. 
Needless to say three nights on a train with a constantly rotating cast of cabinmates (all women) ranging from two teens with a baby brest feeding non stop to a 26 year old woman who was fasanated with our nightly 'American rituals" of cleaning our contacts and such.  she asked us all kinds of questions about the US such as do we know homosexuals? (it's an abomination) to her asking about naked runners and if everyone has a gun.  We probably left her with the impression that we are all gun touting, homosexual mounting, naked running Americans.
On thursday night we got off that god forsaken train and headed by taxi to lusaka and the yesterday a 6 hour bus ride to livingstone.
This morning we got up early and headed to the FAlls.  It was amazing and we had it all to ourselves only took us 5 days to reach it!!!  There is barely electricity and hardly internet so I'm sooooo sorry to all those for not answering iit email (it doesn't open) and updating fb. 
I'm now headed to meet my class on an 18 hour hopefully good shape bus in Windhoek.

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