Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi guys for the past four days we have been laying in the sun on Zanzibar island.  The first day we arrived here we stayed in Stone Town which is an old walled city made by the portugese to begin growing their own spices.  We walked around the town looked at old forts, visited the market and watched the sun set over the ocean with dhow boats in the background.  The next day we took a tour of a spice plantation which was not what we had expected, some villagers from just outside the town had set up their own tour and the tour ended with a tour of their village which was not expected and very sad.  I purchased some spices to deal with my guilt. 
That evening we headed north to the beaches and have spent the past few days dining under the stars, laying on the beach and enjoying the sunset.  Tanzania has an electricity outage every day and hot water and internet are very hard to come by.  it's a whole other world that makes me see what huge benifits we have living in the US of A.  Speaking of the United States there is Obama everywhere.  Villagers carry him on the purse, wear them on the skirts, and even name shops after him.  In stonetown there is an Obama barber shop that has a huge mural of his head and an american flag.  This is one of the few places I have traveled where being from the USA is grand!!
Tomorrow we get on a train to Zambia for two days to see Victoria Falls

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