Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm not Lion

wow wow wow
That's all i have to say about the past few days.  We were picked up
at our "hotel" in Arusha and wisked off into another world.  We set
off in a 4 x4 across Tanzania where we saw things I only read about or
saw in zoos!!  There are more zebras and wildebeast than you can shake
a stick at and they are just roaming everywhere thousands.
The first evening we were parked nexted to a river at dusk and there
was a herd of 22 elephants, 100 zebras, and a family of baboons all
drinking and relaxing.
The second day we were watching a lion in a field when she ambled over
and laid down next to the car for some shade!!!!  We also saw two
ostriches doing a mating dance which is an elaborate dance of waving
wings, laying on the ground thrusting and being coy.
We saw the footsteps of the first humanoid and the place where
evolution was first throught of!
Every night we retired to a safari camp where we had a private cook,
hot showers, and a spotless tent with proper beds!!
Today we tried to make the journey to Zanzibar but we missed the ferry
due to a run in between an elderly bus rider who called the cops on
our rough bus driver (this had nothing to do with us).  So we will
take the ferry tomorrow to zanzibar tonight we are staying in Dar Es

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