Sunday, July 10, 2011

Giraffe's Sneeze

After this years Air India debacles and my family's cancelled American Airlines I didn't hold much stock in my flight to Nairobi but I was wrong.  After Sankat and I had dinner at O'hare i breezed through security and took off on Turkish Air to Istanbul.  11 hours and three movies later I landed in Istanbul long enough to brush my teeth and marvel at the guy selling Turkish delight in a funny outfit that I had only previously seen monkeys wear, when I boarded my second flight I was greeted with an exit row seat with no neighbors!!

I cleared immigration with ease and a taxi driver from my hotel greeted me holding a sign with my name on it!  On the drive to the hotel i saw five zebras grazing on the side of the road.  When I arrived at the hotel liza was already there and we crashed!!  The next morning we went on a epic walking journey to find a bus company to take us to Arusha Tanzania. As we neared the center of the city more and more people wanted to sell us a safari and telling us that the bus company we wanted to us was closed!  after a break in a coffee shop we did prevail with two bus tickets to Arusha (the company was open).  

We then went on to be proper tourists and went to the giraffe orphanage.  there we were given handfuls of feed and we hand fed the giraffe's!!  as another traveler was feeding the giraffe it sneezed and I was in it's path.  That was a first.  below the giraffes there were warthogs scurrying around picking up the leftovers.  We then went on a small walk through the bush were there was actual giraffe tracks and scat, I've never seen that on a trail!!

Today we got up went to the bus and after the driver's prayer we set out on a five hour bumpy drive to Arusha.  We found a place to sleep tonight and are setting out tomorrow on a three day safari of Tanzania's national parks and the birthplace of mankind.  

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