Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cahuita, Costa Rica AKA Heaven on Earth

Well we made it over the border and to the beach town of Cahuita.  This two road town is where a bunch of Rasta folk got sick of the island and made their own place on the mainland of Costa Rica.  It´s a chill town with a few places to eat one bar to drink and two beaches one with white sand and the other with black!

We´re staying at a wooden guest house run by a girl from Minnesota and her rasta boo.  It looks a lot like my room at camp but the porch has two hammocks and I´m not going to lie I could spend the rest of my trip here!!!

Yesterday we took a hike on the white sand beach that is part of a national park there was a trail along the beach for about 8 km.  While hiking we saw raccoons, lizards, crabs, monkeys, and these monkeys make such a loud noise we thought they were wild pigs!!!  The trail ends at an Italian guy´s house with a pool, cabana and a mean pasta dinner, now that´s a sweet way to end a hike!!  Instead of hiking back we got a ride in a back of a pickup truck from a Tica family who lives in Cahuita and was just hanging out at their friend´s pool.  The perfect combo beaches that rival a corona commercial, cold beer and pool and food right from Tuscany!! 

Tomorrow we are off to watch a volcano erupt!

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