Monday, July 13, 2009

Wildlife up Close and Personal

Hey guys so we are in San Jose for the night.  The past few days have been crazy busy.  We first went to Arenal there we booked a tour with a guide named Mr. lava lava he organized a evening at the hot springs and lava sightings.  We went to the hot spring and it was crazy!  the only thing natural about this place was the water everything else was like hot spring gone vegas.  Swanky pools and swim up bars.  There were 20 hot springs in all ranging from 70 degrees to 150.  There was even some crazy water slides!!  At 5 Mr. lava lava picked us up to take us to the volcano we stood in the rain and got eaten by lots o skeeters.  (he did provide rain coats)  there was no lava to be seen.  he took us back to the hot springs for dinner and more soaking.  Then at 10 he picked us up and took us back to the volcano and there before our eyes lava was exploding and flowing down the volcano the power of nature was amazing.

The next day we went to Monteverde via a boat the ride alone was so green hilly and beautiful.  In monteverde jen and i went on a night hike.  We saw a tarantula, sloths (with babies)  leaf hoppers, walking sticks, caddy dids, a Pygmy tree frog and so much more.  So So cool.

Tonight we are in San Jose and tomorrow off to the remote area of Totugerro to see sea turtles lay eggs.  There is no cell service or internet so see you all in three days.

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