Friday, July 17, 2009

Still in Costa

So we left monteverde and traveled to San Jose for one night!!!  Then we went to the national park of La Tortugero (Turtles)  This place is you can only get to by plane or boat.  It was so so so beautiful miles and miles of black sand beaches!!  The town is a perfect union of tourists and locals.  it is the first place on this trip that you could truly see the way people live!!

we set out on a turtle watch at 8 pm. we waited at a shelter with our guide till a ranger from the park radioed us then we went down to the beach to see the turtle lay eggs.  The ranger said that once the turtle digs the nest she is in the zone and does not notice people watching her.  you can not have any lights or cameras because the turtle uses the moon to guide their laying.  She laid about 100 eggs and then buried them and went back to sea.  it was amazing.  i have never seen anything like this it was so intimate and surreal.

the next day Laura and i rented a two person kayak and went through the national forest.  it was so remote it was just us and the river and jungle for as far as the eye can see!!!

So yesterday we tried to head to bocas in panama but our bus got a flat tire so we missed our connector.  we ended up in Chauita for two more nights.  hopefully tomorrow we will be in panama!!!

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