Friday, July 4, 2008

In Search of The BEACH and maybe Leo

We left Bangkok at 11 pm and rode a night train to a town called Surat Tani
 from there we were herded onto a bus that took us to a peir then we got a
 ferry. by this point it is 11am the next day!!  the ferry was surrounded by
 beautiful islands and blue blue water. after an hour we reached a peir and
 were dropped off. from there it went sour we thought we could get a better
 deal so we turned down a ride in a pick up truck and ended up abandoned on
 the side of a road on an island. we finaly found a dad and son to drive us
 around the other side of the island in the back of their pick up truck about
 an hour later.

 we arrived at Chawang Beach to a Bungalow that you could see through the
 flow and had many "friends" hanging out in the bathroom, but by then we were
 so tired and sweaty we didn't care.  we showered up and went out to
 investigate the beach. it was beautiful!  we then dragged ourselves to
dinner at a very beautiful botique  hotel (our dinner cost as much as our
"bungalow")  Jen said we are moving tomorrow I can't handle our crummy
bungalow  (it looks about the same as my place at camp hazen YMCA)

The next day we walked down the beach asking for prices at other hotels when
 we got to the place we ate dinner we figured what the hell we might as well
ask!  it was three times the price of our hut but we figured we have jobs
thanks CPS we packed up our stuff and went to the pimpin hotel!  it had hot
 water a shower bigger than our old hut and AC plus a kick ass clean bed and
a sofa.  plus awesome beach chairs and a pool.  we decided to spend the next
 four days there laying on the beach, getting massages and pedicures and then
walking down the beach to dinner and lounging on beach chairs eating el
fresco style every evening.  Thai beaches rock.

last night we went back to the mainland and took the night train to Bangkok
 and now are on Koh San Road chillin till tomorrow we have a bus to the
 border and then on to Cambodia and the Temples of Ankor Wat.

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