Monday, July 21, 2008

Vietnam Forever

We left our surfing village and journeyed into the mountains to a city called Dalat!!! it was beautiful looked like a french village (not that i've been there but i've seen pictures) complete with an eiffle tower.

There it was very cold at night 60 degrees everyone was wearing jeans and winter coats and wool hats (but still flip flops)!!!  There we took at motorcycle tour with four college students from Dalat and two girls from england who are traveling for six months.  we went to a silk factory where I bought a shirt for $6, a flower garden, a coffee plantation, elephant water falls (named for the kids who commited suicide and then the elephants found their bodies and brought them back to their villages) had traditional lunch and went to this crazy mansion that no words can describe. 

The next day we bought tickets to go to Lao through Vietnam airlines and then went out for a western dinner with our new english friends.  it was good to gossip about sex and the city and politics with someone other than jen!

The day after that we journeyed back to HCMC so we could catch a plane on the 20th we had a dinner of pizza that was yummy and went to bed.  On the 20th we shopped for last minute Vietnam stuff and went to the airport.  There our connecting flight was delayed but a represenative put us on business class so we could get there on time!!  That was when our luck ran out.  When we got to Hanoi they wouldn't let me through because my passport expires in December (I know some of you told me)  we then were stuck in Vietnam Hanoi. 

We found a great hotel with air and tv and hot water!!!!  Today I went to the American Embassy and they said they couldn't help me god bless the USA then we went to the Thai emabassy to see if they would let me in!! it was a holiday and they are not open for two days!! then we went to Vietnam airlines to get a new flight.  We saw some water puppetry and live music.  tomorrow we are off to a cruise in Halong Bay for two nights!!!

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