Monday, July 7, 2008

Temples and a Dingo

We left Bangkok and traveled by bus to the Cambodian border.  We hired a woman tuk tuk driver who drove us to the Cambodian embassy to get visas we took our shoes off and applied for an application.  Then back on the tuk tuk to the the border.  There we walked across to Cambodia.  Wow what a difference it was like the wild west two huge casinos among a ton of shacks and unpaved mossive pot hole roads.  We were put into a bus and taken to a "bus stop"where there were a bunch of other tourists there we met an Aussie couple and asked them to share a cab to Siem Reip.  We hired a driver in a Camry and headed off down the craziest road even for 3 1/2 hours. 

We then arrived in the outskirts of Siem Reip.  A tuk tuk driver offered us a "free ride"to town and showed us around to guests houses which were a little bit sketchy we finally paid him some money and decided to go it alone looking for a guest house.  After looking at more we hailed another tuk tuk and asked him to drive us around most of theguest houses were full.  We went to the Green Garden and the dude showed us a "dorm room"  Which was really an elevated chicken hut for only $1.  Finally we found a decent guest house and hit the hay thankfully not real hay!  Then next morning we woke up and headed for the temples. 

Amazing Amazing Amazing  for as far as the eye can see ruined temples set in the jungle.  You felt like Indiana Jones climbing all over them and running around exploring them.  There are people who live in the woods surrounding the temples and the children try to sell you all kinds of stuff it is heart breaking  and now I understand why Jolie brought home her first baby!!!  Today we had lunch of stir fry noodles, veggies and "chicken" but due to the high amount of wild dogs around the temples and the texture I'm pretty sure it wasn't chicken!

Siem Reip is a bizarre tourist town.  The local life is right next to the tourists with people living their day to day life right next to guest houses..  There are schools and people running small businesses the poverty is devestating but we try to give our business to the people through eating, buying goods and laundry.   The people are friendly and polite
We have spent two days exploring the temples on foot and by bike it is awesome. 

Tomorrow we are headed to the capital of Cambodia

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