Saturday, July 26, 2008


I made it out of Vietnam! And now am in Bangkok, Thailand.  Our unexpected journey to Hanoi turned out to be pretty cool.  We went on a three day cruise of Halong Bay which is about three hours away from Hanoi. We stayed on a “junk boat” which is basically a boat with about 8 cabins, a dining level and a top sunning level.  It was not posh by any means but the whole adventure cost us $45.  The tour company was super disorganized but the breath taking views made up for it!!

We then traveled by plane back to Bangkok, Thailand (of course Vietnam airlines did not want to let me on the plane yet again)  (upon arrival in Thailand they barely glanced at my passport and gave me a visa till the end of August, go figure).  Bangkok looks super clean and calm compared to Vietnam and is somewhat of a culture shock, not sure what it will be like coming back to the states!  Here we treated ourselves to a nice hotel roomwith a rooftop pool.  Last night we did some shopping and went out to watch a Thai cover band.  Today I lounged by the pool and went to the spa for a pedicure, massage and haircut with a price tag of $28 USD

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