Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad!!

Hello and Merry Christmas to you guys!!
Well after a very fancy bus ride to Puno we arrived and I pretty much instantly got sick from the altitude. Puno was small and pretty but I pretty much spent all my time in the crappy hotel sick.   I did get to see Lake Titicaca and all of its glory. 
The next morning got up early and went to the bus station to go to Cuzco which is about 1000 meters lower.  After 7.5 hours on a bus through the Andean countryside we arrived in beautiful Cuzco which looks like an European city built on huge hills made of many squares.  Today we have walked around shopping and drinking cocoa tea which is supposed to help with the altitude.  Tomorrow we are off to find a trek to Manchu Picu

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