Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Machu Picchu

Well the last few days have been quite eventful, after much deliberation lindsey and I decided to go on a four day three night Incan Jungle Tour.  On the 27th we set out at 6 in the morning on our adventure with 15 other travelers and one guide.  The first part of the trip was to go up to 4,300 meters and ride mountian bikes down the mountian.  Due to my recent biking adventures we abstained and watched the other fools get on subpar bikes and hurtle down a mountian highway in the pouring rain.  We then arrived at our first accomidation of a gas station where a dog with fleas was kicked out of his room so we could sleep there (joy).  We then became the high matience americans because we complained.
The 28th we rose at 6 am to hike (we had no problem getting up and leaving).  We then trekked through the jungle on an Incan trail for 8 hours.  It was beautiful at times we gained 1,800 meters and looked out over the valley at the raging river and others we walked beside it.  We then finished our long hike at a hot spring.  It was awesome!!!  
The 29th we got up early again and hiked again for another 6 hours.  We then arrived in the bustling tourist town of Augas Calientes.  This town is formed for the pure fact of giving tourists a place to sleep before they journey to Machu Picchu!  But the hostel was clean and dog free!!!
Today we woke at 3:30 and hiked for a hour and a half up hill to be the first to enter Machu Picchu!!  It was truely an Epic place.  It was amazing to walk where the Incas tread 100s of years ago!!  Tonight we take a late train back to Cuzco and tomorrow an early flight to Lima!

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