Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello From Lindsey

Just wanted to send an update, Selina and I made it to Peru safe and
sound last night. It was a long day of flying with a six hour layover
in Costa Rica. We had an airport pick-up pre scheduled which worked
out great. Our driver was very friendly, a women born in Lima, who
gave us some good tips for visiting the city. Last night we didn´t
venture out much since it was late and not safe to be walking. But we
did enjoyed some Mexican style food "pollo" chicken tacos that we
found right next to our hotel. And obviously we had to try our first
(and second) Pisco Sours. A peruvian drink that even had me taking a
few Excedrins this morning.

Today we slept in and decided to have a relaxing day bumming around an
area of Lima called Miraflores. It is probably the most affluent area
in Peru. We had a 20 minute walk to the beach this morning, stopped in
a grocery store (to our surprise very similar to Whole Foods) and then
had lunch at a steak restaraunt. The main attraction in the beach area
isn´t necessarily the beach itself. Miraflores sits along a cliff edge
and at the bottome of it is a rocky beach, some surfers, and a few
families and beachgoers. Along the ocean front cliffs is a beautiful
park which Selina and I called the "Lincoln Park" of Lima. We were
hoping to have an ocean view for lunch but the only thing that we
could find was very similar to a shopping mall with a Tony Romas and
Starbucks. Unfortunatley we headed in the wrong direction and
eventually ended up eating at an expensive steak house due to our
hungary bellies. Lets just say it´s a good thing I´m no longer a
vegetarian. The meat platter that the table next to us ordered was
very impressive. Although the beach front wan´t necessarily what we
expected it was still beautiful and we saw an awesome display of
paragliders flying off of the cliffs.

Right now Selina and I are at an internet cafe in one of the main park
areas of Miraflores. Since our hotel is a little pricey ($60 a night)
we found ourselves a hostel  for our return visit over New Years Eve.
Other than that we´ve enjoyed the outdoor parks, shops, neighborhoods
and cafes that the area has to offer. Its about time to head back to
our hotel to wash up and relax a bit before finding dinner this
evening. We´ll be calling it an early night since we  have an hour
flight out to Arequipa tomorrow morning.

There hasn´t been anything too shocking on our trip. Other than the
language barrier things are relatively easy to figure out. I´ve
learned how to say, "no, hablas espanol" "I do not speak Spanish¨"
Selina has been keeping us afloat from having some phrases down after
her 5 weeks in Panama this summer.

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