Monday, December 28, 2009

Lindsey's Post Xmas

Hope everyones Christmas was good. Selina and I had a great German
dinner after getting to talk to the fam for a bit on the phone. Cuzco
seems to have everything and I couldn´t help but order the tenderloin
with spetzle and have a glass of red wine. The spetzle were good but
not nearly as good as moms.

We spent today browsing trek companies and finally decided on an
alternative from the Inca Trail. We´ll be doing a 4 day 3 night trek
staying at hostels in small villages. Check out our itinerary below.
We´re pretty stoked sans the biking and rafting parts. We dont want
any injuries so well be hiking all of it.

In search for one of our Trek companies, which no longer existed, we
found ourselves far enough away from the tourist areas to enjoy a
lunch for about $1.50 a piece. Their sign outside had many options but
really that just means that you might get one of those options. We sat
down and without asking we were brought a bowl of chicken noodle soup
(good for my cold!) After that we had an option of something we
couldn´t understand in spanish or chicken. We went with chicken. Good
choice the neighboring table was served some sort of fish. To finish
off our lunch we were served some sort of red flowery drink. I forget
the name but Selina said it was a Christmas drink made from flowers
that only bloom in December.

Other than that we have really enjoyed Cuzco. We wandered off the
beaten path into some of steets with local markets and shopping. It
was crazy. Their were tons of vendors obviously with their Alpaca
goods but the food vendors were off the hook. Katy would have a field
day with the assortment of meats, veggies, fruits, spices and a lot of
stuff that I didn´t even know what it was. You name it they had it.
Although I probably saw one too many pig heads and chicken claws than
I needed too. Selina and I were tempted by the long row of chocolate
vendors and I was disappointed that we had just eaten lunch before we
got there. Some rows of vendors cooked up food right there on the
spot. We could have sat down and enjoyed a bowl of soup or freshly
made smoothy form any of the many many vendors.

Well, we´re off to get some pizza. Suposedly Cuzco has the best in
Peru because of a special cheese that they use.

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